Moving to the country…

So, here’s the story.  2005 visited friends in the North East and fell in love with their house and so we moved there – into the house we loved.  In 2008 we went to a wedding on the edge of the Lakes – I’d never been before and fell madly in love with the area.  In 2016 we moved to Cumbria.

Quite a lot else happened during the eight years in between, we had two kids, we holidayed in the Lakes a lot, and climbed a few fells (shamefully few given how much time we spent there but I only became hooked after buying this tick list map of the Wainwrights).  And every time we went home from our holiday we talked about how amazing it would be to live in Cumbria.

In October 2014 we had an awful holiday where everyone was ill and no fells were walked, J was devastated and started to seriously talk about moving over – and that’s how it started.  By August the following year he’d quit his full time job to retrain as a primary school teacher, May 2016 we put our house on the market – it sold immediately.

Suddenly it had all gotten very real.

I handed in my notice and feverishly searched Rightmove for somewhere to rent – we knew we couldn’t buy straightaway as neither of us had jobs to go to.  It was really tough, I don’t think either of us realised how stressed we’d become until we finally got the house sorted and could all breathe a sigh of relief.

At the start of August we moved, and although it was hard for all of us, it has been – and still is to some extent – a time of uncertainty, it has also been the most amazing time and I wouldn’t change it for the world.  Every morning when I wake and look out at our view I can’t really believe we live here, we can get to the Lakes in 30 minutes and regularly do.  But we also enjoy what’s on our doorstep and the joy of being somewhere you can hear yourself think (when the kids stop shouting of course).

I think before we moved a lot of people thought we were crazy – some probably still do.  But for us it’s about teaching our kids that if you really do want something badly enough you should go for it, even if it is a bit (a lot) scary, because we do just get one shot at this life and so you’ve got to make the journey fun.




  1. …gonna eat a lot of peaches. Love your first blog Catherine! Feeling quite inspired to make the most of this maternity leave! Sounds like you made just the right decision for you both and the kids and am over the moon for you. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer couple…so, erm, I think my invite might have been lost in the post, just saying! ; ) lots of love xx


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