Work Work Work

This morning we found out that J’s DBS check could take up to another two months to be processed, it’s already been in for two months but they have a backlog.  Needless to say, as J is looking for work as a supply teacher in primary schools, he can’t work until it’s through.



After much huffing and puffing and stomping about, I suggested I could possibly look, perhaps, for work, maybe??   This is the first time I’ve been totally unemployed and I’d been hoping it would last for more than two months.  The plan was that J would get work and I would be off with the kids, taking the boy to nursery, and then the girl child and I would get up to those things you always imagine yourself doing with kids in your “I’m a perfect mum” dreams.  The things that you think will take all morning, but actually takes 5 minutes before the child is bored, and then you spend the rest of the time cleaning up after all the “fun”.

I was also looking forward to a bit of time to reevaluate, and try and decide exactly what it is I want to do, workwise.  I’ve worked for local authorities for the last 16 years and I made some amazing friends, and learned lots, but at the end of the day it’s not what I want to do with my life.  But what is?  I’ve tried my hands at a few different things; stand up comedy, events organising, cushion making – all alongside full time work.  But none of them have really stuck, I’ve never tried hard enough.  Which is my problem, too many ideas and not enough patience.  My other problem is I’m pretty good at the less creative, logical stuff; the stuff more like the work I used to do.

After a surprisingly short discussion, where I may have wheedled a little, it was agreed there was no point me looking for work, as the DBS could be through anytime and so it wouldn’t look good to take a job and then leave it almost immediately.  Of course not.  That would look terrible and just wouldn’t be tennis to do that to someone.

So with that sorted, we got back to making the most of having both of us at home – me hiding in the house writing this, whilst J lucks out and has to entertain the kids in our crafty barn.  Although to be fair, I did help to hang some sea monsters this morning.



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  1. What lucky children – so much space, two parents on hand to guide and inspire! Frustrating, though, that bureaucracy is so slow. With all the contacts with children Jon has had in the last few years, you’d have thought his DBS would be a formality! Good luck, anyway, to you both. Hope you’re enjoying the eggs!


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