A Warm Welcome

We’ve now been to our second community lunch, this is a monthly event that’s been going on for a couple of years in a local church hall where the community get together and, as the name would suggest, have lunch.  Everyone brings something along, although everyone makes sure to let you know if you’ve not had time you’re still welcome (weirdly similar to taster nights at Slimming World meetings – but with less focus on the healthy eating aspect).

I’m enjoying having time to bake and so, after a rushed pasta salad for the first lunch, took along a carrot cake – adapted from the carrot cake cupcakes recipe from the Cupcakes from the Primrose Café book.


This led to a very proud moment when I was told to enter one of the (many) country shows next year with my baking, especially as the cake was overbaked and a bit dry – although the lady may have just been trying to lure me into the local WI.


Looking back we were quite nervous attending our first lunch, but we really needn’t have been.  Everyone was just so welcoming and you really felt that people were interested, wanted to find out about you.  Some might say this is just for gossiping, not much else goes on here, small town purposes.  But this isn’t it at all.  Moving to somewhere so small you could easily feel isolated from those around you, many people have lived here all their lives, others moved here years ago, everyone knows each other.  But they want to know new people too, they know the community needs new blood and so welcome new comers with open arms and open homes.  Everyone goes out of their way to let you know if you need help, just to ask, they may not come knocking on your door all the time for fear of being seen as interfering – someone told me a great comment they’d had on moving into the area “We won’t come to you but if you need anything then you come to us”.  And that sums it up perfectly, if you don’t want to be part of the community, you don’t have to be – you may have a circle of friends not far away who you can call upon.  But if not, come to us.

I have never felt so welcomed and so instantly at home, and so important and part of something, as I do here.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved where we used to live and made good friends with neighbours, but it was different to this.  Here we need each other, our kids need friends to play with and we need friends to moan about the kids to too.  And you need to know who to call when the cows break into your garden – I’m already becoming a dab hand at herding / scaring sheep.



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