The Trials and Tribulations of a Potty Trainer

So, over the last couple of weeks we have again embarked on the potty training journey.  The girl is 28 months, but she has been using the potty on and off (literally sometimes) since around the time she turned two (the boy has used the potty from 18 months and as there’s only 11 months between them she’s pretty much been used to always having one around and what it’s for).  We knew we were going to be moving during the summer and so held off, and held off potty training her as we didn’t want anything to disrupt her – and let’s face it, moving house is everything stressful including disruptive.  It felt really hard, and a bit cruel, not to train her earlier, especially as she has always suffered with nappy rash quite badly.  I don’t know if it was the right decision or not, but it was what we chose to do.

So once we got moved and were settled we decided to start her potty training.  She was really excited about not wearing a nappy anymore and wearing her big girl knickers – we didn’t want to go for pull ups because I thought it might be a bit confusing for her, but maybe I shouldn’t have been so uptight (how often I say this to myself, and yet, do I learn??).  So we started training at the end of August, and stopped, at the end of August – after a wee (unfortunately not as in the Scottish use of the word) incident in the local supermarket – the staff were lovely about it but I really didn’t think she was ready, she seemed to vaguely have an inkling if she was going to pee – but no clue when the poo was coming, and, as it turned out, Mr. Poo had come to the supermarket too.

Now I know people say you shouldn’t start and stop, it might knock their confidence and I was a bit worried about this, but not that worried, as there’s not much that can knock the girl child’s confidence.  She is definitely a lady who knows her own mind, and doesn’t mind letting EVERYONE else know it too.  And, as I thought, it didn’t bother her a bit.  So back we went to nappies.

We decided we would give her another couple of months and then try again, but then the nappy rash returned with a vengeance, bleeding bum and all.  So one Sunday morning (the day after our Great Adventure) I decided enough was enough and we’d have another go.

We stayed home and around the house for a couple of days, and she seemed ok so slowly we have ventured further afield.  When out and about on country walks she will happily pee in the hedgerow (like mother like daughter) and when in cafes / shops / anywhere with a loo, she will enjoy a trip to the toilet at least every 5 minutes to make sure nothing exciting is going on in there without her (I can’t be the only parent who eventually refuses to take their potty training child to the toilet after the 100th trip!) and then she likes to give a commentary on what people in other cubicles are doing “Lady having MASSIVE wee!!” or, even worse, “Mummy having a POO???” (I’d like to point out I wasn’t, I can’t with an audience. But the girl already understands timing).

Unloved and unneeded

And she’s done it, I don’t know what is different, considering so little time has passed – though the power of the newly bought Peppa Pig knickers should never be underestimated – and yes we have had a few accidents – for example she squatted for a poo in the school playground only the other day – but the important thing was, she took down her knickers first– YAY!


Via Dailypost Prompt – Breakthrough



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