And Then There Were Four

In preparation for our half term guests arriving, I got on with the last two dining chairs, mainly so we all had something to sit on at mealtimes.  I definitely feel like I have learnt a lot from working on the last two chairs and, as these have turned out much better, I think I might be right.  In fact they have turned out so much better that, once we have waved off our final guests, I will sand the other two back, and give them another coat of blue paint to get a better finish.

Whenever I’m in the workshop it’s not long before our chickens show up, probably because they think there’s a good chance I’ll throw a bit of banana their way, but I like to fool myself it’s because they like the company too.  The only downside is dodging their massive poops.

Ginger keeping her beady eye on me

So as the chooks looked on, I started off by priming both the chairs, I then leave them for at least 24 hours to completely dry off – especially as the workshop is starting to get cooler now the weather is turning.

Primed and sanded

Once dry, I sanded both the chairs back before applying the first of the top coats.  Another 24 hours and then another quick sanding, to get rid of any lumps or bumps, but also to provide a key for the final coat.

This time I gave up on the various kids’ painting tools, and only used the mini gloss roller all over; I just made sure not to overload the roller with paint, which I think I was guilty of on the previous two.  As the chairs have a few nooks and crannies, it was a bit tough getting into all the corners with the roller, but I used the top rounded end and, with perseverance, and a lot of follow up rollering to prevent drips, I got there and I’m pretty pleased with the end result.

Tilly looks on, obviously impressed


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