Hitting a Century

I just wanted to share my glee at hitting 100+ followers this week.  Now, for serious bloggers this probably isn’t that huge a number, but (as I said in Time to Be Me) I started this blog off a couple of months ago as a way to stay in touch with friends and a way to keep them updated on what was happening with us and our new life in the country.

Once I started writing though I realised I really enjoyed it.  Now I’m back to being a full time mummy I don’t really get the chance to just moan about anything and everything the way I did when I was working (something my co-workers obviously loved.  Of course).  So the blog became somewhere for me to go and let off a bit of steam.  Occasionally try and share crafting tips.  Mull over events.  Have a good rant.

The thought that there are people out there that I don’t otherwise know, that read and (hopefully) enjoy my blog is really amazing.  So thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy sticking with me on our big rural adventure.



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