A Writer’s Blockage

Today I am drawing a blank. Nada. Nothing. Zilch.

It’s typical isn’t it? J and the kids have gone out to the shops, so I have a bit of time to sit and write in peace and quiet. I’ve not posted for a few days and so I have the urge to write, but the ideas just won’t come.

So far I’ve wondered about writing about:

• Trying to slim down for Christmas (the title would be ‘Christmas Slimmings’, see what I did there??) – but I thought it was a bit attention seeking / dull
• Showing off the barn to friends and how it affirms that we made the right move – but that winds up being me just saying things I’ve said in posts before
• Trying to decide on how I’ll bring in some money in 2017 – dull and indecisive
• The fact that we’ve been living the new life for a third of the year – not that much of a milestone really

Today my brain is just feeling a bit mushy. I don’t know if it’s because I ended up having a really long lie in (9.30 – can you believe it?!!) and I always find I’m a bit off kilter when I’ve slept for so long (too long), closer to a state of rigour mortis than the vigour you would assume after a good night’s sleep. I suppose this is writer’s block. I’ve had it before, and no doubt will again. But usually once I sit down and start typing, something comes. Not today.

So my choice is now to babble on inanely and hope inspiration suddenly strikes and makes this vaguely amusing, or just stop now, cut my loses and get on with useful things like checking our bills account. I prefer writing, but when it’s just nonsense what’s the point? Not that there’s no point in nonsense, I love Spike Milligan, but when it’s just the ramblings of a mushy mind??? Not so much. This is the height of today’s genius so far:

I need a muse
Whom I can use
To help me think
Of something
Something more than
A little

So yeah. I think I might be able to hear the bills account calling…

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