And Lo, the DBS Did Arriveth

Finally, we have it.  Yesterday J’s DBS came through after almost 22 weeks of waiting.  We owe its arrival to the fact that, unable to get any further ourselves with either the Met Police or the DBS service, we had contacted our MP who was able to escalate it for us.  Obviously this is something we are hugely thankful for, but we’re not convinced that this should really be what it takes to get your DBS processed (something J told a researcher from BBC Radio 5 who’d contacted us yesterday about DBS delays).

Hey ho, we have it (yay!) and so now the wait for work begins, the wait we’d expected to start in September.  It’s a bit strange to be honest as I really have got used to having J about all the time, he’s there to amuse the kids or take them out when I need to do a blog or some sewing, he can cook tea when I can’t really be bothered and sometimes he’ll even do the laundry (I know!!).  We’ve also not really had to have an alarm clock on for the last 4 months or so because the kids wake early enough to make sure we’re all up for taking the boy to school.  I think the BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BBEEEEEEEPPPPPing first thing is going to be the biggest shock to the system.

On the other hand it’s going to be great having him back in work, not just for the money coming in (though that will be VERY welcome) but also for J’s confidence – I know the first few days will be tough as he’s not done any teaching for so long, but I also know it’ll all come flooding back as he’s a natural with kids (unlike my good self) and really loves teaching.  Also him being in work will make this, almost dreamlike, new life we have, start to feel a bit more real and less like we’re just on a big long jolly (which in many ways we have been).  It’ll be good to get the kids used to being with just me again, maybe they’ll even start listening to me…though probably not, and (hallelujah!) we will get some, all important, routine in all of our lives.

I’m also really looking forward to having some 1:1 time with the girl, we’ve never really had this as they both started nursery at the same time and generally (with the exception of when she’s been poorly and home from nursery) if she’s home so is the boy = double trouble = mummy hiding in the kitchen waiting for it all just to calm down (with the occasional screaming at them to tidy up interludes, of course).  So, in my head, we’ll have some lovely crafty mornings, go to cafes and eat cake and giggle lots.  In reality we’ll try crafting, she’ll eat the glue / get it stuck in her hair, the screaming will commence and not stop until I am either a shaking wreck in the corner, or have bribed her to stop with chocolate (the cure to all of her ills).  No doubt if we do venture out to a café, she’ll poo herself in the excitement.  Ah well, we can but dream.

In other news we have hung our first Christmas lights on the crafty barn, and very lovely it looks too.  Though photos of it don’t look SO impressive.


J took his life into his hands by climbing onto the corrugated roof of my workshop (in Converse, not known for their gripping power) where I found him, pretending not to be waiting for me so I could steady the ladder when he climbed down.  But he has done a very decent job, and hopefully that’s the highest bit of barn done.  We’re now just awaiting further light deliveries so the whole place can be lit up in something akin to Blackpool illuminations, without the tower.

As the lights put us in a Christmassy mood I made my first foray into making chocolate bark (excellent for homemade gifts).


We’ve also started on wrapping the Christmas presents – whilst anesthetising the children with the use of The Polar Express, although when they realised what we were doing I don’t think a crate of whiskey would have been enough to stop the attack on the presents / paper / sellotape / anything they could lay their mitts on, that ensued.  However we managed to wrangle the presents off them before they started to undo all our good work and I must say I am rather looking forward to getting the tree up at the weekend and getting the barn looking suitably festive.

And now to this morning, fieldfares and redwings are gathering in the trees outside the barn, not unlike a scene from The Birds, there has still been no sighting of the elusive waxwings, despite various outings to try and spot them, and much bird watching from the sink.  We’re also always on the lookout for a murmuration but, alas, this too has evaded us.  Well, we can’t have everything can we?


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