It’s All About Me

Last week I asked for suggestions for questions you might like to ask to find out a bit more about our great adventure of moving to the country, the questions with the *’s are those that were asked and the others are me being self-indulgent.

I’m hoping to post again before the new year but this may not be possible as things are going to be a bit busy at the barn over the festive period, and so, just in case, I’d like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

 * Is living the dream all you hoped it would be?  Yes, and more.  I hadn’t realised just how welcoming the community around us would be and how that would really help up to feel so at home here.  We’re only five months into our great adventure, but in some ways we already feel like a part of the furniture.  There are so many moments in the day when I feel I should pinch myself because I don’t understand how we’re now living the life that we’ve dreamt of for so long, these are usually when I’m outside feeding the chickens (pre-incarceration days) and watching buzzards flying overhead, or when you take the rubbish out and hear a woodpecker calling.  Even feeding the birds amazes me, as they can’t wait for you to move away from the feeder, and so you’re surrounded by the sound of their wings frenetically burring as they fly up and they realise you’re still there and fly away.  The fact that we regularly travel to places we only ever visited on holidays before, doesn’t hurt either.  Or the fact we can see the Lakeland Fells from our front gate.

* What’s the best thing about making the move?  The space.  Our old house only had very small outside space and I felt like the kids were climbing the walls at times, especially in bad weather.  I’ve always found I do my best parenting when I can just let the kids off the leash and run loose, and we can do that here – I try not to get too stressed with the extent of their puddle jumping, even when they are up to their muddles (though I must admit, sometimes I fail).  The fact we have outhouses and barns they can play in, even in bad weather, is definitely a huge bonus for all of us.

What’s been the hardest thing about making the move?  Moving away from friends, though a lot of them have been to see us which has been great.  Also the impact that the lack of routine, due to J not working, has had on the boy child – we’re hoping that this should get sorted now J’s DBS is finally through and he can start work in the new year (though the first few weeks might be a bit of a nightmare!).

* What are you most looking forward to for Christmas?  Spending time with family, it’ll be nice to have someone to palm the kids off to whilst I hide and drink sherry in the kitchen (pretending to cook dinner).  Also this year we have a dining room, in the old house the dining table was in the living room and meant lots of furniture shifting on Christmas day to accommodate the table, this year we can do it all proper like (though the cats will no doubt try and ruin my plans).

What inspires your blog posts?  I find the environment and landscape that surrounds us really inspiring, but my blog posts are very much just a reflection of what has happened at the barn, or things that I’ve got on my mind.

What are you most looking forward to in 2017?  I’m really looking forward to J starting work and the changes that will bring, both in terms of income, and hopefully some routine for the boy.  I always go into the new year with a real sense of excitement about what the year could bring, I’m looking forward to doing some more work on the garden and getting some veggies planted – as well as trying to figure out how to protect them from the chickens.  Getting my hands dirty and trying to learn some new skills.  I’m also looking forward to the girl starting at nursery and the extra free time that’ll give me.

What are your plans for the blog in 2017?  I’m hoping to do a 365 photography challenge, as I’ve really enjoyed taking the photos for the blog and would like to develop these skills (pardon the pun).  These are a few of my favourite snaps from 2016.

I’m also thinking about joining Instagram but I don’t really understand it.  I would like to spend some of the extra free time developing the blog, I’ve really surprised myself at how much I am enjoying writing regularly, and would aim to keep that up and hopefully reach a wider audience.

Thanks for reading my ramblings and see you in 2017.


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