The Ghost of Christmas Presents

That’s it then, Christmas has been and gone.  We are now surrounded by the detritus of the Festive season, paper hats from crackers and shreds of wrapping paper are lingering on in corners (probably stashed there by a child unwilling to let the Christmas magic go all together), the cupboards are still full of enough sweets and chocolates to stock a small shop, and elasticated waist trousers are currently in vogue.

Christmas day itself passed in a bit of a blur, unfortunately one of the clearest memories is that of the boy dragging his sister around after she’d dared to scamper off with his new scooter but, fortunately, the best memory of the day is of the kids studying the tea stained treasure map we drew up for them, to lead them to the pirate ship, and then scampering off excitedly on their treasure hunting adventure.


They’d already donned the pirate costumes considerately left behind by Santa, so were suitably dressed for sailing the, rather windswept, seven seas (otherwise known as our back garden).  Thankfully the pirate ship was very excitedly received, and has been boarded every day since – the boy even demanded that our new health visitor should be taken to see it on her visit today.  She was suitably impressed.

Our guests went home yesterday, the next set are due to arrive on Friday to celebrate the New Year, so we have a couple of days to try and eat vaguely normally, drink much less and restore some semblance of normality.

In preparation for the 365 photography challenge I’m planning on undertaking in the New Year, I wandered out into the garden today to try and find some inspiration for a few snaps.  Typically, after the longest break from writing I’ve had since starting the blog, and the most food I’ve stuffed down myself for a long time, inspiration was a little sluggish to arrive and so I settled on trying to get a picture of a hawthorn bush we’ve (rather imaginatively) entitled “the sparrow bush” because it is always full of sparrows (I told you it was imaginative).  The sparrows weren’t so keen to perform and many scarpered as I was trying to take pictures (not helped by the kids running around in pirate costume shrieking “aaarrrrrr m’hearties”) but I got a couple.


I also attempted to capture some of our local sheep for posterity whilst they looked on disinterestedly.


This will probably be my final post of 2016, and what a year it’s been, seeing seismic political changes, death getting in some overtime with the stars and, on a personal level, a life changing move.  As there’s still a few days to go I’m sure I’m not the only one holding their breath for any final surprises.  But let’s hope for the best, and let’s hope 2017 can bring us all some pleasant surprises.  Whoever you’re with, whatever you’re doing, I wish you all a very happy new year, here’s to 2017 being a good one.


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