The Wind, It Does Blow

A bitingly cold wind is howling in our little corner of Cumbria today, I imagine it is howling elsewhere too – but I’ve not ventured very far to check.  The wind has been blowing, the rain and, occasional, hail has been falling and the sun is intermittently shining.  It is a day to hole up and hide away, and wait for better weather to come.  However since moving to the country we have all toughened up somewhat, and so we haven’t been completely slovenly – though this may also be because we live next door to a farm and, whatever the weather, you hear the tractors going and it makes you feel a (little) guilty about not facing the elements for at least half an hour.

So this morning, despite the wind and rain, we finally got the chicken wire cover for the coop finished. J very much did the majority of the work, putting together a frame from random bits of wood from the yard, and I provided coffee and hammered in a few staples to attach the chicken wire to the frame.  It’s now installed, and so the chicken coop door is once more open, with the chickens safely inside but with a view of the world outside.  Given the weather I’m not sure they appreciate it, and are probably thinking more along the lines of “What fresh hell is this?  First, we are cooped up for weeks in darkness, and now they open the door and let in a billowing, freezing wind…and rain…rain that seems to be falling horizontally!  Why oh why don’t they just kill us?!?”  Despite their misgivings, I’m sure they’ll appreciate it in the end.  Or just peck us that bit harder.


I must admit though, that has been about it, productivity wise, today; the garden is going to have to wait.  I don’t consider myself to be a fair weather gardener, and am happy to go out in rain, but I’m not suicidal either and don’t fancy catching pneumonia.  Drama queen…moi?

The wind has been taking its toll on the garden, the pirate ship is in the process of losing its sails as they get blown hither and thither, but I have promised the children I will make them some brand spanking new ones that they’ll be able to furl and unfurl, ready to catch the wind as they sail the seven seas.


The bird feeder has taken on a jaunty angle, despite my standing legs akimbo and weakly pushing and twisting it in into the ground with all my might.  The birds don’t seem to mind too much though, and are still feeding happily – not that you’d know from the picture, but out of shot I had a cat continually yowling that he wanted to go inside – so he might have put them off.  Though, now he’s inside, he’s still yowling, it’s actually just his favourite pastime.

We’ve been promised some snow over the next few days, and we had a precursor to this this afternoon with a shortlived hail storm.  J and I stood at the kitchen window and watched the sheep huddle together “Why doesn’t their wool shrink in the rain?” I mused “That oily stuff in their wool” J assured me confidently.  I suppose the fact we don’t have boiling hot torrential rain helps too.

The cats are now chasing each other around the house, frustrated at being inside, but not brave enough to go out, J and the kids have ventured to the post office, and so I thought blogging a good excuse for hiding inside and enjoying a bit of peace and quiet.  The barn isn’t the cosiest place in the world, as we adamantly keep the thermostat low until later in the day and just layer up, but it’s home and it’s nice to have it to myself for a change.  So I think I’m going to go, put my feet up and read a book and enjoy the peace while it lasts….hmmm…..too late.  They’re home.  Typical.


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