Slow Progress

The unproductive days at the barn have continued as the cold days have got colder.  Fortunately the wind has now dropped, the forecast snow didn’t fall – other than a few flakes that dusted the yard and fence in a few places, but the cold has remained and so there has been no further progress on the garden.

However before the cold and wind arrived I did manage to get something done.  The overgrown area at the front of what will be the veg patch has been cleared, other than a few bits of soil which will be easily swept away once the ground dries.  We now have a compost heap in one corner and have used some corrugated iron, which was previously cordoning off the overgrown patch, in front of the fence between our garden and the sheep field.  I doubt that alone will completely deter a sheep on a mission, but it’s a start.

From this….
…to this.

This is a tarmacked area until the final couple of meters which are earth, so my plan is to grow potatoes in bags as well as having some plants in pots to soften it all down, make it more attractive and, most importantly, productive.  The earth patch will just be used as a large compost heap for all the weeds that are still to come out of the veg patch – and some gardeners gold horse muck, from when the neighbours’ ponies seek shelter in the stable.  We are also anticipating a lot of rocks from the veg patch so these are going to be turned into a rockery area under the bird feeders (i.e. just a big pile of rocks we’ll term rockery, but it’ll just be a big pile of rocks we don’t know what else to do with).

I’m still trying to think of some other veggies to grow in the tarmac area, we might also try some root veg in tubs as we know the veg patch is going to be very rocky (hence the ‘rockery’), which would no doubt produce some amusingly shaped root veg, but it’s not conducive to a decent crop.  We’ve never grown vegetables in pots before (well, other than a raised bed experiment we did in our tiny backyard in the last house, but unfortunately the cats thought we’d made them a very elaborate toilet) so any suggestions of other veg to grow in pots would be much appreciated (as would any growing tips for them).



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