Lessons Not Learnt

Over the past few months there has been a standing joke of the children calling each other Donald Trump (all to do with the joys of passing wind) along the lines of:

“You are Donald Trump!”

“No, you are Donald Trump”

And so on and so forth, until the screaming and indignation starts and we have to intervene.  This used to be quite funny, but over the last week the humour has started to wane (though not for the kids).

During the campaigning I thought he couldn’t win, wouldn’t win.  But then, in the back of my mind I always thought he might, 2016 was just that kind of year.  Then, once he won, I consoled myself by thinking “well, he can’t really do any of that rubbish he’s been coming out with, that was just vote winning” let’s face it – we all know they lie (remember the £350 million that was going to the NHS???).  I mean a wall that the country, whose people it was going to be built to keep out of the precious US of A, would pay for.  Nonsense.

I was going to write a whole post about the things he’s done so far, the chaos he has already brought, the uncertainty, the fear, the division and persecution – but there’s just too much and I worry I’ll miss something out.

I now listen out for the news to hear what he’s done next, who he is trying to persecute, what information he is trying to stifle.  Every single thing I’ve heard or read is bad – and I can’t understand how someone can make such a mess in such a short time…and still remain popular, in fact it appears his popularity is growing.

What scares me most about all of this though, is that there is an appetite for a leader like this, there is an appetite for his rhetoric.  What has happened to humanity, what has happened for caring for others, what has happened to caring for things that are happening not on our doorstep (the amount of comments from people in the UK I’ve read saying “why do you care, he’s not our Prime Minister” is shameful), what has happened to caring for the planet?  If you claim to care about any of these, you are automatically tagged a liberal – as if this is a bad thing, a dirty thing, something to be pitied.  Well I for one, am proud to care, I’m proud to not want to cause harm to others because it might make me a quick buck, I’m proud to want to know what is happening in other countries and feel upset about it, I’m proud to feel that if I have something, it’s ok to share that with people who are worse off than me.  I’m proud to be termed a ‘liberal’ (for information, the definition of liberal is “willing to respect or accept behaviour or opinions different from one’s own; open to new ideas”: how is that a bad thing?)

The coming years are going to be hard and more than a little heartbreaking, if the changes we have seen so far continue, but we mustn’t let it break us and we mustn’t stop believing in each other and humanity.  We have been through horrors before and we should have learnt from them, unfortunately it seems, some haven’t.



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