Photo Challenge: A Rare Flower

I am a little bit addicted to orchids, I like to buy them cheap with the dream of restoring them to former glories, sometimes it works most of the time it doesn’t.  I currently have 5 orchids, 3 moth (phalaenopsis) orchids and 2 oncidiums (I think).  My orchid care varies between total disinterest and completely forgetting about them, to being very diligent and lavishing them with attention.  Recently I’ve been a bit forgetful.

Despite my disinterest though this moth orchid has recently started to grow a new flower spike (the little green bud next to the crown) about which I am rather excited.  This orchid has been through the wars, a couple of years ago it got crown rot whereby the centre went all mushy and all the leaves fell off.  After trying and failing to restore it alone (I was VERY attentive at this point) I turned to Google and found someone saying to try covering the rotten crown in ground cinnamon, to act as a natural fungicide.  I did it, and after a few months a new keiki (little baby orchid) grew – giving me a whole new orchid.  This will be her first flower spike.



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