Bowling for Truth

We, as I’m sure most parents do, always tell our children not to tell lies, not to make rubbish up.  Unfortunately it seems that this was perhaps a lesson missed by Kellyanne Conway’s parents.   For any who have had their head buried in the sand (which is oh so tempting right now), Kellyanne Conway is currently serving as a counsellor to Donald Trump, and was previously his presidential campaign manager.  And she has recently cited the ‘Bowling Green Massacre’ as defence for Trump’s travel ban on seven Muslim majority countries.  The problem with this is, this ‘massacre’ never happened, there was no massacre which involved the murder of innocent US soldiers – it only ever happened in her head…or perhaps, in her team’s heads.  Admittedly she has since said it was an honest mistake, but seeing as she mentioned this ‘massacre’ in three separate interviews, I don’t think she (or the team around her) understands the meaning of the word honest….though I don’t suppose they have to, they live in a world of ‘alternative facts’.

I’d be surprised, if any of us grew up without hearing about how all politicians lie, and some (maybe all, I don’t know) do, they say one thing to get into power, and they do another once they’re there.  But for me, this is taking it to a whole new scary level.  They are using outright lies to spark fear, which leads to hatred, which leads to violence.  You’ve got to wonder what end game, Trump and his cronies have planned as they go along this path.  I’ve seen people on social media saying that he’s looking to start a war which is all about oil, and I can’t help but wonder if those comments are right.  Maybe he doesn’t think he’s rich enough.  If you incite enough hatred, cause enough unrest, people will retaliate, I’m not saying they’re right to do so, but unfortunately we live in a world that isn’t very good at turning the other cheek.

I’m glad our kids are young, so I don’t really have to try and explain any of this mess to them (they’re too busy laughing at his name), and I feel for people whose kids are older who are questioning just what exactly is going on over the pond at the minute – because I think I’d be lost for the words (or at least ones that are suitable for young ears) to explain it.


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