Photo Challenge: A Girl’s Best Friend

I’ve been having a jolly time on the garden with my new favourite thing – the pickaxe.  I decided to be brave yesterday, despite my fear of skewering myself, I hoisted it and took a swing.  Best.  Moment.  Ever.  (Maybe a slight exagerration, but it is good).  I managed to get a couple of awkward stones out yesterday, including this huge slab (the picture doesn’t do it justice, it’s about two foot long and 20cms deep).  Once it was out I was tempted to give up and leave it to J to move as there was no way I could lift it, but then, on a surge of enthusiasm I decided I wasn’t going to be beat and managed to roll / wriggle it to the end of the trench.


Today I was chomping at the bit to get back to my pickaxe and managed to get another load of stones out including these two little beauties (photographed alongside / on top, the original slab).  I can’t wait to see what tomorrow unearths.



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