Photo Challenge: Concrete and Cake

Work on the garden was going well yesterday until I returned to the corner of despondency and discovered that a great big concrete blob (I’ve only just noticed it looks a little bit boobylicous) that we had previously discovered was actually wiggle-able with my trusty pickaxe.  Wiggle-able, yes.  Movable, no.  At least not by me.  But on finding it is possible to move I, of course, cannot just leave it be and cover it up.  It needs to go.


Tonight we have friends round for tea, earlier in the week I was given a bag of cooking apples and so I’ve made a spiced apple cake for pud, but I think I over mixed it when adding the egg mixture to the flour mixture as it’s not really risen as much as I think it should have done.  I’m just hoping it tastes better than it looks.





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