Photo Challenge: Days 45, 46 and 47

Day 45 was Valentine’s Day and I chose to give the blog a break so I could have a lovely evening with J, watching a film – not a romantic one, and scoffing these.  I bought them for J for Valentines, he bought me nothing.  So it was only fair I ate half of his gift.


Yesterday, as usual, I checked on the chickens and, as usual, as soon as I appeared there they all were, looking for their daily treat (which they get due to guilt about their lengthy incarceration).  When I go in empty handed , they peck the empty hand in the hope a finger or two might drop off.  Despite being shut in the new ladies are now flourishing and almost all of them are fully feathered, making it difficult to tell our original two from the others.


Today was a bit of a mixed bag weatherwise; windy, rainy, sunny, we had it all.  And in honour of Tom Hardy’s very moving reading of the Cbeebies bedtime story on Valentine’s Day (what a talented young man he is) here’s a snap of a cloud plane / shark / whale.




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