A Long Way To Go

Half term is upon us once again, a week in which to try and keep the kids entertained and endeavour not to completely lose my marbles.  Something that will no doubt be even more difficult as I’ve decided to stop drinking for a while.  Half term will be a true test of my sobriety.

Our first weekend of the half term has been spent pretty much at home, and so, as is fast becoming the norm when at home and the rain isn’t falling, we’re out on the garden trying to make some progress on the patch.  A task which is starting to feel a little insurmountable, but bit by tiny bit we are getting somewhere.

Progress so far

We’ve managed to get the last trench filled back in, with the exception of the booby blob area and the drain pipe section, and have now started on the next trench.  As you’d expect if you’ve read any of my other posts about the garden, it’s not easy going.  There are rocks aplenty, lots of glass and random bits of metal, and sore arms.  The kids have been banned from the veg patch for now, due to the amount of glass and rubbish we’re finding (and because I’m an impatient mean mummy), but we have promised them a corner they can do some of their own planting in once we’re done, which seems to have appeased them.  We’ve also handed over the area which will eventually be the flower bed, for now, for them to have a go at digging.  However a 2 and 3 year old’s idea of digging a patch seems to involve just digging a big hole and then lying down on the, well compacted by tiny feet, mud to stare into it.  There is also lots of wielding children’s spades like a pickaxe and smashing it to the floor a couple of inches in front of their sibling’s nose.  But so far, both of their noses have remained intact and their attempt at gardening appears to be keeping them happy.

On our patch we’ve extracted a rather large egg shaped rock, which we’ve decided will be upended somewhere on the veg patch, next to a path, as a handy seat to rest weary legs; sipping tea whilst taking in the views may even be involved.  Though all of this seems like a very distant dream at the minute.


The workshop has now been fitted up (by ‘fitted up’, I mean a trestle table has been put in there) as a potting shed, and the seedlings are all starting to appear.  So far we have leeks, cauliflowers, cabbages and lettuce starting to sprout and I’ve just planted some sweet pea seeds – we’ve run out of room on the electric propagator, so I’ve used some of the plastic fruit tubs as lids for the seed trays.

The tomato seeds are still not doing anything, but it’s early days and so I’m not giving up hope on them just yet, if all else fails there is still plenty of time for more sowings.  I’ve also finally got around to planting garlic into some tubs and am chitting some potatoes ready to go into potato sacks.

View from the ‘potting shed’ (and a wren’s nest on the sill)

I think taking on such a big job, as we have with the veg patch, you’re bound to have self-doubt about whether you’ve done the right thing and there are bound to be times when you want to chuck in the towel, believe me I have entertained both of these thoughts, regularly.  But there’s also huge excitement about what it’ll be like, how amazing it will all look, when it’s done and also a sense of how proud we’ll be to look at our finished patch and say “we did that”.  As the little seedlings start to appear, my excitement is growing alongside them and I know we’ll see it out to the bitter end, and enjoy every moment, and mouthful, of our tasty reward.


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