Photo Challenge: Fashion and Cake

Yesterday’s photo is of a fashion craze I’m sure will reemerge after this alluring little picture.  I’m wearing socks and sandals, odd socks at that – though the other blue sock is hiding under my wellie sock, the sandals are J’s …to make it that bit more enticing.  I wore this little number to get in the washing whilst J finished off some digging.  As you can imagine he was quite taken with my new look, though he missed me singing “I’m sexy and I know it” as I jiggled my way back into the house, washing basket under my arm.  What a lucky man he is.

One of my feet isn’t really 5 sizes bigger than the other, despite what it might look like here

We’ve been stuck indoors today due to lots of rain and so I decided to give baking with the kids another go.  By choosing to make a marble cake both the kids got a bowl to stir up, and eat the left over mixture from once we’d done, and so there weren’t even that many arguments to endure.

All cakes will be marble cakes from now on due to the remarkable levels of peace

Daily Post Inspiration: Jiggle


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