Photo Challenge: Big Skies and Seedlings

Another bumper of three photos due to a bit of a busy weekend.  In an effort to extend the girl’s nap on Saturday, ready for tea at our friends and a later night for the kids, we decided to do a bit of recycling, this is the amazing view we get from one of our local recycling points.  The Lakeland Fells you can see in the distance are Carrock Fell (middle flat topped one) and High Pike (far right) and just a glimpse of Blencathra peeking over the horizon (on the far left).


Sunday’s picture is the grey skies on our way home from the community lunch.  A bit of a change from the lovely blue skies we’d had that morning.

Grey Skies

Today’s picture may not be that exciting to anyone but me, but these are my little seedlings.  I’ve moved them from the propagator to small pots on the windowsill to try and stop them getting so leggy.  So far we have cauliflowers, cabbages, lettuces, sweet peas, one cherry tomato (just) and leeks aplenty.

Coat Hooks and Seedlings 015




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