Photo Challenge: Days 65, 66 and 67

As J is back at work I am in charge of the school run, and instead of jumping in the car I like to make the little blighters walk it, despite the fact I know that every single day the boy will drag his heels every inch of the way, whilst his sister runs off ahead.  I’m stuck in the middle shouting stop to one and get a move on to the other.  The upside of walking though is it’s a good chance for the girl to climb gates and take in the views on the way home.

School run

Yesterday’s picture is of the girl trying to get to grips with a lacing toy that Santa was kind enough to deliver at Christmas.  Just to prove sometimes I do let them play inside and don’t just force them to entertain themselves, whilst I plough on (no pun intended) with the garden.


Today’s picture is a second chance for me.  On Tuesday I came across a massive beetle on the veg patch, however the camera was nowhere near and I refused to take it in the house and so reluctantly had to set it free.  Today when moving some soil I came across another one (or maybe the same one), and thankfully the camera was to hand.

Beetle 001

With a bit of Googling I am pretty sure it is a type of Ground Beetle, its Latin name is Carabus Nemoralis, apparently it hunts at night and its prey is slugs and snails – so I’ll definitely be wanting to keep these to protect my precious veggies.  As long as my Googling is right of course, and it’s not actually a vegetable loving beastie.


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