The Tidy Narcissist

Tonight I have a job interview, the first job interview I’ve had for about a year.  “Job interview??”  You say, “Are you giving up on the stay at home mum dream (nightmare)??”  No, not at all.  This is a job interview quite unlike any I’ve had before.  It’s for a cleaning job at the village hall that we have the community lunch at, for a taxing two hours a week.  The job was advertised in the parish magazine and I thought why not, it’s a few extra pound and it gets me out of the house for a couple of hours.  Admittedly I hadn’t anticipated that I would be interviewed for the job…although I wasn’t really sure what would happen, but someone else obviously had similar thoughts to myself and so there are two of us going for it.

The last job interview I went for was at Cumbria Council, in preparation I treated myself with a little black dress and a smart jacket and (uncomfortable) shoes.  I didn’t get the job – which was actually something I was relieved about afterwards as it wasn’t the job I thought it was, but I still have the clothes, although I’m not sure I could squeeze into the dress now.  Which doesn’t really matter as I think I might be a little overdressed if I wore my office wear, my mementos of a professional life.  I actually don’t know what I should wear, most of my clothes are now covered in mud, or kids’ finger marks, but I’ll rifle through the wardrobe and am sure (hope) something clean will spring out at me.

I also really don’t know what kind of things I’ll be asked, I’ve never had a similar job in the past and I’m more used to questions about pressures on adult social care in times of austerity than how best to mop a floor, including how to get into those tough corners.  Obviously the kids now give me plenty of cleaning practice and so I’m hoping that will stand me in good stead.  Maybe I should take some pictures of our cobweb free light shades…although I’d have to get rid of the cobwebs first.  I do enjoy a bit of cleaning though, it’s nice to stand back and see the rewards of all your hours of hard work, compared to my previous job where you had to wait months, even years (particularly when rules changed and the job became ridiculously bureaucratic and processes unnecessarily lengthened) to see any difference.  I am particularly excited about the training to use the floor polisher.

So keep your fingers crossed for me, it might not be much, but it’s something I’m not doing for J or the kids, it’s something all about me.  And we all know I love a bit of narcissism.



  1. […] Now spring is here, this means we have been living here for a taste of all the seasons, admittedly we are at the beginning of spring and we moved in at the end of summer, but still, I think a landmark has been reached.  As the days are slowly getting warmer, it’s just giving us a taste of what’s to come, we’re already getting excited about the warmer days when we can eat outside – particularly because it means I don’t have to clean up after the kids who seem to think messy eating is a competition held three times a day.  Or perhaps they just like testing out my cleaning prowess, all good preparation for the new job (yes, I got the job!). […]


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