Happy (Half) Blogiversary To Me

It’s six months to the day since I published my first blog post; a whole six months of writing about our new life in the country (though not really so new anymore), telling tales of our trips out and about, of the ups and downs of family life, wine making, gardening and a few rants thrown in for good measure.

Over those months my readership has grown to 237 followers (though really this is a bit of a pie in the sky number, as there are people who are so determined not to miss out on my nonsense, that they follow me on Facebook, Twitter and e-mail (strange, but much appreciated, people). So far, it’s had 8,184 views, and 3,238 visitors.  Which I must admit I’m pretty pleased with; when I started off writing the blog, I never really imagined six months down the line, I’d have had anywhere near that number of views and people reading it, half that many followers, or have made connections with other bloggers.

Probably most importantly, six months down the line, I’m still enjoying writing; I feel like over the time, my writing has improved (I’d rather not hear if others agree or not) I still get writer’s block more regularly than I’d like, but I perversely enjoy the, self-imposed, discipline of having to post a blog every couple of days and forcing myself to do it, even when I can’t really be bothered, after a particularly hectic or trying day.  However J would happily confirm that my grammar hasn’t improved much and regularly has to add, or remove, the odd comma or apostrophe (ed: she is terrible with apostrophes).

I’ve learnt a lot over the six months, not just about blogging but also country life, I now know sheep aren’t just sheep, they’re hogs, shearlings, gimmers, tups and yow amongst many others; cows are still big scary mooing things though.


For those that are interested, the thing that sits next to the garden and features in many of my pictures, is a bale elevator, a bit of a relic from our house’s past, when it was a cow barn with hay bales kept on the second storey (I think the number that fitted up there was around 600).  Much of this knowledge was gained from relentless questioning of our farmer friend, who I regularly consider retitling my farming consultant (unfortunately for him, there is no consultancy rate of pay attached, but cups of tea are freely available).  I’ve also learnt I’m not such a huge coward, thanks to my friend (the farming consultant’s wife), making me get back on a pony (a big one) 26 years after my only other riding experience.  And I’ve learnt that gardening can be really hard, and big rocks are ridiculously heavy.


I’ve also realised that moving here was definitely the right thing for us, I can’t deny it’s been very hard and stressful at times, but it has also been the most amazing experience and something I wouldn’t change for anything.  As our country life continues, there will be a whole lot more learnt (I know there is a lot to learn), and I’m also sure the writer’s block will return on and off, but I’m looking forward to what the future brings, and sharing those experiences through the blog.

For those that like the detail; my most popular blog post has been A Family, Forever, and the posts about adoption always seem to get higher views, however the post that still sticks out in my mind is A Place To Belong, probably because the feelings in there are still very real to me, and I still hope this is somewhere the kids will grow up and always consider home.


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