Photo Challenge: Days 74 and 75

First of all let me say, yesterday’s picture isn’t the best, however it was the best I could get on a grey morning, without getting too close and scaring the little fella (or lady) away.  This is a starling that has been appearing on the wire between the stables and the barn every morning for the last week or two, it has a bit of a sing, hangs around for a couple of hours and then vanishes, until the next day.  It might not be a great picture but it’s something I wanted to try and get a record of, as I’m getting quite fond of greeting my little friend on a morn.

Starling Mar 17 004

This morning, after dropping the boy off at school, the girl and I got to go and have another, closer, look at those lambs.  As you can see by the smile on her face, the girl loved her first close encounter of the sheep kind, the lamb doesn’t look quite as convinced.  You can also just make out a tiny bit of mummy sheep in the background, keeping a close eye on proceedings.

Lamb Mar 17



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