Rain, Rain, Go Away

The grey, wet, windy days have returned, much to my annoyance, as of course this means that once more, progress on the patch has drawn to a halt.  I think this is even more annoying, because it feels like we were actually starting to get somewhere with our digging method.  Over the last week and a half we have completed two trenches, which, considering we’ve not committed a ridiculous amount of time to the garden over the last couple of weeks, I’m pretty pleased with but frustrated that we have to stop for a rain break, in equal measure.  However, despite my gloom and doom, I think we have now reached the halfway point so, in theory, it’s all downhill from here, we’re on the home stretch etc. etc.  Another plus point of the last two trenches, is the amount of rubbish within them also seems to be decreasing; when I mentioned this to my dad, he suggested that perhaps the builders, who converted the barn, couldn’t throw that far, and I think he probably has something, as the first end we worked on was the one closer to the house.  The rocks and concrete slabs are, unfortunately, not decreasing, and we already have another sizeable rockpile (at the other end of the patch though as, like the builders before, we can’t throw that far).

Rain Rain 04

I’ve kissed and made up (not literally) with the pickaxe and am enjoying swinging it and breaking up the compacted soil, imagining the amazing arm muscles I’ll have by the time it’s all done (perhaps I’ll finally get the upper arms of Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2, that I’ve always longed for).  Lifting some of the bigger rocks certainly seems to be getting a bit easier.

Thankfully the weather hasn’t cast a downer on the seedlings which are in tubs outside, the baby spinach is doing well, and tiny true leaves are starting to appear, and the garlic is also sprouting happily away.

Unfortunately the seedlings in the workshop aren’t as perky, this wasn’t helped by a male sparrow who flew in and then flew against the window in a panic.  Before he made his escape back through the door, he managed to knock a few of the pots off the windowsill and those seedlings are no more.  My neglect hasn’t really helped either though, as I forgot to water them whilst being too focussed on getting digging done.  The only seedlings that don’t seem to have noticed the neglect and avoided the sparrow are the sweet peas, which are all still happily climbing onward and upwards.

I’ve also sown potatoes in a sack, broadbeans and kalettes over the last week, as well as a second sowing of tomato, lettuce, cabbage, and cauliflowers – which is a good job seeing as I’ve killed many of the first lot.

Whilst the rain falls over the upcoming days, I plan to check over the remaining seeds to make sure there aren’t any more that should be sown now, and, inspired by a fellow blogger, start up a veg diary to keep a record of what was planted when.  And remember to water the seedlings, I definitely need to do that.


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