Photo Challenge: Days 76 and 77

We got some more farm action yesterday, as the kids got to feed a couple of the new lambs and we got to go and see some of their new calves – I was even brave enough to actually touch one of them (I didn’t go as far as the farming consultant suggested, and allow it to suck my finger though).  I was surprised by how lovely and soft the calves hair was, and tried to convince myself I wouldn’t be so scared of it when it’s bigger, now I know that.  Though why I’m not sure, I have never been concerned about being trampled by a cow toupee.  Anyway, this was also J’s first encounter with the lambs, and I think he was a bit smitten.

J Lambs

It’s been another wet and windy day, and so this afternoon I decided it was time to share one of my all time favourite films with the kids, Labyrinth.  Despite the girl constantly asking where the baby was, which one David Bowie was and what the “gobblers” (Goblins) were doing, it was quite enjoyable.



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