Spring Wine

Now spring is upon us, and the sun has started to shine, I have the “let’s get busy” bug.  So as well as getting the flowerbed done, we have finally gotten around to the second racking (racking is basically moving the wine from one container to another, to remove the sediment) of both the Rosehip wine and the English Hedgerow Port, that have been slowly fermenting away in our shed.

We made both of these at the back end of last year, and they should both probably have already had their second racking by now, but it’s just one of those jobs we kept putting off.  When we finally got around to unearthing them, the port was looking pretty clear, with very little sediment on the bottom of the demi john, whereas the Rosehip wine still looked a little hazy, and had lots of sediment on the bottom.

J sterilised the new demi johns and piping, the kids were sent to play outside and we got to work.  Actually it didn’t take much effort (especially for me, as J did it), the port was moved into the new demi john without any issues, leaving the small amount of sediment behind.

Racking 02

However whilst decanting the Rosehip wine, some of the sediment went with it and so it still is looking hazy, and already some sediment has settled to the bottom of the demi john.  I’m not sure if this means it will need yet another racking before we get around to bottling it up, but hopefully the port won’t, and it’s that one I’m looking forward to trying the most.

Racking 03

So, for now, they are both back in the shed, but we may be able to think about bottling the port after a month or so, depending on how clear it looks, and I think the Rosehip wine might be a bit of wait and see.  Once bottled, I think we are supposed to wait another few months before we actually crack it open, though that depends on how patient we are (not very).  I must admit, I’m quite looking forward to sitting out on a summers evening with a nice (fingers crossed) glass of homemade wine, whilst the cows and sheep stare on.  We just need to sort out the garden furniture now.


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