Photo Challenge: Days 90 and 91

I’ve had an idea, I’m not sure how good it is, but it appeals to me, so it’s good enough.  I’m going to try and record various wildflowers around and about the barn through the 365 photo challenge.  The first picture is a simple old common daisy which we have growing in our garden – their name apparently comes from Old English ‘daes eag’ which apparently means ‘day’s eye’ because of the way the daisy opens up in the morning.

April 17 001

Today’s picture isn’t on the flower theme though, at lunchtime we saw that DEFRA had said that chickens in high risk areas could now also be released from the coop.  Within minutes the girls were released and enjoying scratching around the garden for the first time in almost five months.  They were probably enjoying being chased around (and picked up) by the girl, a little less.

Dock Beetles and Chickens 010


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