Photo Challenge: Days 92 – 96

This is going to be a big one as I’ve not posted a photo challenge for a while, so I’ll just do it:

Day 92: Back to the wildflower theme, a couple of these are growing along the lane, brightening up the verge.  I have Googled (a lot) and I still don’t have a clue what it is, so if anyone can tell me, it’d be much appreciated.

15 April

Day 93: Three of our chickens enjoying their freedom, and the area that used to be a heap (before their scratting began).

16 April

Day 94: Another wildflower but I know this one, a dandelion, growing in our garden.  When I was little we used to say if you picked a dandelion you’d wet the bed…not really sure why.

17 April

Day 95:  My joy at seeing blossom on our gooseberry bush is great, we just need to get it netted to protect the precious blooms from the birds.

18 April

Day 96: Our best in show seedlings, so far, these are the broad beans and kalettes (with Tilly looking coy in the background).

19 April

And breathe



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