All By Myself

At last the day has dawned, the day where both children go to school for three whole hours, and not a moment too soon.  The last few days, the boy has grown more and more testy, and my patience has been wearing thinner and thinner; yesterday it was so thin, I believe it may have been transparent.  Pretty much the whole day was spent by me, muttering under my breath and by the boy, finding new and inventive ways to annoy me.  He is currently enjoying not lifting the toilet seat, and instead peeing all over the toilet, the floor and the wall, for mummy to clean up.  He also discovered the delights of refusing to get in his car seat yesterday, so we hung about Aldi car park for an inordinate amount of time, and then again in the Co-op car park.  In between which, I bumped into another mum from school, and had to attempt to have an adult conversation about what a shame it was that the Easter holidays were over. I’m not sure she was convinced by my attempts.

So this morning, I was very happy to send them both on their way to school, and have a few hours of peace and quiet at home.  All alone.  No tears, no tantrums, no screaming.  Bliss.  Despite what others have said to me, whenever I’ve mentioned them both going to school, I had plenty to keep me occupied and could easily entertain myself, I wasn’t lost for something to do for one minute.  In fact, I could’ve done with a lot more minutes, so easy did I find it to entertain myself.

The walk home was more rushed than usual, so eager was I to get back and revel in the peace and quiet, but I did manage to stop and enjoy the views and listen to the lambs bleating in the fields, and the robins and blackbirds singing from the hedgerows.

First day 002

Once home, I managed to get jobs that I’d been putting off done, coat hooks which had been gathering dust on the worktop put up, phone calls made, and a hot cup of coffee drunk with a good book read.  Bliss.  I put off getting out onto the garden, partly due to unseasonal hail, but also because I was just enjoying being indoors without my little followers.  The garden is looming large however, especially as we’ve only three trenches left to go, and so tomorrow I will be hefting my trusty pickaxe once more.

By the time I had to collect the kids at lunch, I felt some of my mummy mojo had returned, and we had a pleasant afternoon singing songs, playing games and reading stories.  I even managed not to lose it when cleaning pee from the walls (again).  And the good thing is, I get to do it all again tomorrow (well, without the pee…hopefully).



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