Grab It With Both Hands

Living a rural life has been a long held dream of mine, one that I’d thought we’d never really get a chance to achieve until we retired and the kids were all grown up.  Then we had a bad holiday, a drunken conversation the following Christmas, and we turned our lives upside down.  And now look at us, we live in a barn, we have outbuildings, a large garden for the kids to run wild in, a veg patch in the making, and the Lakeland Fells on our doorstep.

Now both of the kids are at school for part of the week, I get some time in the day to stop and look around me and take in the fact that we really are living the dream here, it’s not been easy, there’s definitely been very stressful times – both before and after the move – but I wouldn’t change it for the world.  As I’ve grown older I’ve appreciated more and more that life really is quite short, and doesn’t give us an endless amount of time to achieve our dreams, and so we need to go out there and grab them.  Yes it’s scary, yes it creates lots of uncertainties, but I’d rather look back on my life and think I’d given something a go, than look back on it and regret that I wasn’t brave enough.

Over the last few months we’ve really noticed that the kids have completely settled here, we no longer hear complaints of how they miss their old nursery, or our old house (which I think they only ever really said to annoy us anyway), and instead they’ve started talking about how much they love it here, the boy even said he was going to stay here forever (hopefully not living with us forever).  The girl still likes to talk about the things she’ll get after we die, and the barn has now become one of those things (not sure she really understands renting yet).

They say that home is where the heart is, and I don’t think that could be any more true for any of us now, this place truly feels like our home and where we belong, and I can’t help but imagine the children growing up and joining the local young farmers group (the boy’s career plans are currently to be a firefighting farmer) and becoming part of the next generation of this community.  And that really warms my heart, and confirms to me that we did the right thing, by doing the seemingly crazy thing (I’d like to add that I’m not calling myself crazy here, not keen on that whole “yeah I’m crazy me” thing).

J has really settled into his teaching work, and was saying the other day about looking out at the snow on the Lakeland fell tops from his classroom window, something I think we both find quite mindblowing.  I suppose that probably sounds quite strange, but the fells were the reason for our move in the first place, and having them as a backdrop to our lives is a constant reminder that we really did it, we really moved to this place that we loved, just because we loved it.

Snowy Fells

I think the move, and living here, and how much we love being here, has affirmed for me, that if you really want something badly enough, you have to go for it, believe it will work out for the best and then do your damnedest to make sure it does.  There’ll be some very scary moments, and moments of questioning whether all sanity really has left you, but in the end, it’ll be everything you dreamt it would be, and some.


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