Photo Challenge: Days 98 and 99

On the way home from school drop off yesterday (alone, enjoying the peace and quiet), I noticed a strange looking plant on the verge.

Day 98

I’ve not seen one of these before, it is an Arum Maculatum, also known as snakeshead, adder’s root, arum, wild arum, arum lily, lords-and-ladies, devils and angels, cows and bulls, cuckoo-pint, Adam and Eve, bobbins, naked girls, naked boys, starch-root, wake robin, friar’s cowl, and jack in the pulpit.  Never heard of it, but I am amused by it being called naked boys…and bobbins – just because I love that word.  Bobbins.  In autumn, the flower becomes a spike with a cluster of red berries, which we had noticed along the verges last autumn, and wondered what it was – now we know.  I’m glad we didn’t have too close a look as apparently they are really quite poisonous.

Today’s picture is more plants, these are our plug plants which arrived today 12 of each of; Lavender Munstead, Coreopsis Sunkiss, Delphinium Magic Fountains and Echinacea Primadonna Rose.  Hopefully this little lot should help to further fill the flower bed and borders, so tomorrow’s job is to get these all into pots and then I’ll spend the next few weeks trying not to kill them off.

Day 99




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