Photo Challenge: Days 100, 101 and 102

On Saturday I potted up all the plug plants which arrived on Friday, they were definitely some of the healthiest looking seedlings in the garden.

Day 100

Unfortunately when it came time to put them to bed, back in the workshop/potting shed, I managed to lose my grip and drop the tray, so I had the joy of potting them all up again.  Thankfully they’re still looking pretty perky.

Yesterday we ventured down to the Grasmere for a walk to Rydal caves, the views were pretty stunning.  This is looking over Rydal Water to Nab Scar (I think).

Grasmere Apr 17 037

Today the kids and I headed out, with our neighbours, to hunt fairies.  The children were both worried they might get bitten by a fairy (thanks to Labyrinth), thankfully they were all friendly and the kids enjoyed looking at their little homes.

Day 102


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