Photo Challenge: Days 107 and 108

We’ve had rather glorious weather in our corner of Cumbria this weekend, and a rather glorious weekend.  Yesterday evening J and our farming consultant decided it was time to get the rotavator going, I, wisely, decided to hide inside.  After lots of banging noises and much less engine noise than expected I wandered into the kitchen to peer out and see what was going on.  Two men, one machine, lots of cow onlookers.

Day 107

And they even managed to get it going in the end.

This afternoon it was decided a wander down to the river was in order, as the farming consultant and his two children were with us, we cut across the sheep field.  With glorious sunshine and blue skies above (though rubbish camera taken so doesn’t pick it up the best), some would, perhaps, have called it idyllic.

Day 108



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