Photo Challenge: Days 109, 110 and 111

This photo challenge opens on a sad tone, as I was getting this kids to move rocks on Monday (more fun for them than it sounds, I’m sure), the girl called out “aaahhhh, dead mouse!”  And she was right, well, it was dead, but I think it’s a field vole rather than a mouse, but she’s only 3 so we can forgive her mis-identification.

Day 109

Yesterday’s picture is one I’ve been wanting to get for the last week or so, since our swallows returned in fact, these two are doing up a nest in the workshop / potting shed, and can often be found sitting on the wire just outside it singing away (when not eating those pesky midges that is).

Day 110

Today, inspired by our fairy walk over the bank holiday weekend, the children and I decided to paint some rocks.  As often happens with these things, actually doing it was much less fun than it had been in my head, though the kids seemed to enjoy it.  And they do brighten up a chicken scratted patch.

Day 111



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