Lazy Days

Apologies for my silence, though you may not have really noticed it, I can assure you I haven’t been lynched by local Conservative voters after my last post, but instead have had a mixture of busy days, idleness and a very mild cold.  I’m not the best when someone is ill, and so can’t expect any sympathy when I have a (very) vague sniffle, and so, after a hot honey and lemon I took myself off to bed early and felt much better for it this morning.  The excitement never stops in the barn.

Other than the sniffle however, there has been relatively little to report; one of our chickens has a prolapse, which is unpleasant to behold – particularly when I first noticed it as it waggled it at me whilst on the veg patch.  It’s even more unpleasant for J, who has the nightly job of putting everything back in place (after Whiteneck we were worried how this would go, but she seems to be made of sterner stuff than RIP Whiteneck, as she is now known).  Apparently it should all settle down after a while, and we have her isolated and on rations to try and stop her laying to prevent reoccurrences…it’s not working, but she seems happy enough.

The children strongarmed me into taking them to Whinlatter Forest Park earlier in the week, despite the (long overdue) rain.  I spent most of the journey telling them that it was their decision, but we could just go to Keswick, have a boat journey and drink hot chocolate (I was sure I was onto a winner), however they were adamant Whinlatter was where it was at (probably because it is where the Gruffalo is at), and so we went.  And, despite myself, I really enjoyed it.

Whinlatter May 17 003

To be fair, my main concern was actually driving to Whinlatter, as I’ve never done it before and wasn’t keen on driving up the steep bits (ridiculous I know), but getting there and back was fine, I did manage to reverse the car into a wall in the car park (the pressure of having a car waiting for me to get out, and someone standing watching), but no damage was done as thankfully the car has big bumpers.  Though I admit I didn’t check the wall.

The last couple of days have been spent cleaning and sewing, with lots of watching the birds out of the window and trying to prevent chickens invading the house whenever the door is opened.  We seem to have a very healthy population of sparrows living around us and nesting in the walls of the stables and chicken coop, as well as the swallows, who have well and truly returned now and are building last year’s nests back up with fresh mud.

They seem to spend their evenings swooping around the yard catching all the annoying midges (thank you swallows!), or sitting on the wires and shouting at me when I dare enter the workshop, to check on seedlings, where a couple of them are doing some renovation work, most times I have to step away from the door to allow them a more dignified exit.  And once they retire for the night, the bats appear and take over swooping duty, we watch them for a while going “ooh bats” every couple of minutes (unless we’re watching something particularly enthralling on TV, in which case their displays are totally ignored).

But that’s it, that’s been life for the last few days, pretty sedate and fast becoming run of the mill stuff.  It’s not a bad life really.


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