Photo Challenge: Days 116 and 118

“Hang on,” you say, “there’s days missing, how very dare you.”

Well, I have got pictures for the other days, it’s just the computer is having (yet another) hissy fit.  I’m hoping after a bit of expert IT work (turning it off and on again), the hissy fit will be remedied, but in the meantime I wanted to add a couple of photos I can access.

So here’s day 116, a wet, but enjoyable, walk in the woods with the kids.  This was taken during the brief moment they kept their hoods up, for the rest of the time they looked like drowned rats (until the hand drier was used to dry them off before lunch).

Day 117

And here’s day 118.  It was a bit of an accidental shot as I was getting a bit short tempered at the speed of swallows, who kept zooming out of view, and just snapped the camera a couple of times.  This is a rather pleasing sun setting behind the bale elevator.

Day 119


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