Good for the Soul

Earlier this week I had grand plans for today, I was going to take the kids to school and then jet off down to the Lakes, maybe do a fell, take some photos, oh it was going to be lovely.  Then I got my vague cold, which got a little bit worse over night, turning it into a mild cold.  That, on top of a generous helping of guilt for not working on the garden, tidying the house and the other 101 things that always need doing, made me decide to knock the Lakes plan on the head.

So after dropping the kids off I came back and started on the garden, I moved the large pile of turf from the middle of the plot, and then started digging and moving stones.  And then, I just couldn’t be bothered, I didn’t think I had the energy to start pickaxe wielding and a general sense of malaise overcame me.  So I dithered a bit (something I do a surprising amount of), considered a trip to the Lakes anyway, then decided I probably didn’t have the time to do anything.  But then, I didn’t really have to do anything there, I could just go for a drive and a short walk.  But oh, the time, there probably wasn’t time.  Well, there’d be more time if I’d just make my blooming mind up.  Eventually I decided to make myself a little picnic and take myself off for a local walk (oh but you do that ALL the time with the kids.  Yeah, but the kids won’t be there, it’ll be PEACEFUL.  Oh, but….WILL YOU JUST GIVE OVER!!)

So bag packed, I set off on a walk down to the river, trusty camera in hand.  I have enjoyed walking for as long as I can remember, but I have very rarely set out for a walk (with the sole intention of having a nice walk) on my own.  And I think that’s a bit of a shame, I find walking very relaxing, a nice way to get back to myself, just be in my own head (though as the above shows, that’s not always that relaxing) and let the world and all its beauty just wash over me.

There was much beauty to be washed over by.  The verges along the lane and tracks are covered with the delicate nodding flowers of Queen Anne’s lace, there are carpets of wild garlic, and the air is filled with their wonderful aroma.  Trees and hawthorn bushes are heavy with blossom, and the vast quantity of it makes the air heady with their scent.

I decide to sit down by the river for my lunch, there are midges aplenty but they seem happy shooting about above the water, rather than giving me too much bother (I have caked myself in a moisturising oil which also handily works as a midge repellent).

My Walk May 17 018

High Pike and Carrock Fell loom, off in the distance, so I don’t feel like I’ve completely missed my Lakes day out, and I remain amazed that I live within view of them.

My Walk May 17 050

After lunch I carry on my wandering, the route takes me across fields filled with wild orchids and buttercups

My Walk May 17 076

and through a beautiful stretch of woodland filled with bluebells, forget-me-nots, red campion,o more Queen Anne’s lace and wild garlic.

My Walk May 17 054

I took a ridiculous amount of photos, just trying to capture the beauty, the sense of peacefulness and the love I feel for this place, that I’m shocked we’ve only called home for less than a year.

I think some places just feel right in the very core of you (a bit hippy dippy, I know), and this is definitely one of those places for me, somewhere I feel I have always belonged, although before 9 months ago I never knew it even existed.  I also spent the whole walk with a smile on my face, not a massive lunatic grin, but just that nice, ‘let’s forget about the rest of the world for a while’, contented smile.  And a plan, to make sure I do this, much more often.



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