Wherever I hang my hat

Whilst digging the veg patch we’ve unearthed a lot of things, a lot of stones, a lot of weeds and lots of rusty bits of metal, as well as the odd crisp packet, drinks cans and some perfectly good scissors.  Some of the stuff is old fixtures from when the barn was part of a working farm, and we brought up a huge amount of big old screws, many of them in surprisingly good condition.

It seemed a shame to chuck all of these away, they were part of the history of the building and, as we started to fall in love with the place more and more, we felt it would be nice to make something which paid homage to its past.

At the same time the coat hooks, which were up when we moved in, fell off the wall, too many coats, too heavy a rack (and really not that pretty) and too weak a wall.  A plan was formed.

We decided to make a new coat rack, using the screws that we’d found, we weren’t exactly sure what we were going to attach them to, but the idea was there.  Then one afternoon whilst at a friend’s house, we were talking about our plan and it turned out they had an offcut of oak hanging around from when they’d built their house – would we like it?  Of course we would.

In our relationship I am definitely more the ideas girl and then I hand the manual labour over to J (well, on some projects, unfortunately it’s not worked like that with the veg patch).  I did however soak the screws in vinegar for a few nights, as apparently this is a good (although very smelly) way to loosen rust, and then scrubbed them clean.


The newly cleaned screws and the wood sat in the shed for quite a while, driving me mad with their uncoatrack-ness, but whilst I was in Leicester, J finally got around to making the coat rack.  And this weekend, I put my foot down and the coat rack went up.

I must admit, it looks pretty good, the boy has indeed done good.

Coatrack 2

Whilst he was at it, I also got him to hang some pictures where the old coat rack had been (covering up my so-so polyfilla-ing).

Coatrack 3

The hall (though a bit of a grand title for a tiny room), has annoyed me for a while, it’s a bit grubby due to the mucky shoes the children (and J) seem to love chucking at the walls, rather than into the basket, and it just feels all a bit meh.  However with the pictures up (you can never have too many pictures) and our totally unique coatrack, it makes me smile every time I come through the door, because it feels just a little bit more like us, and a bit less like a rented house. In short, it looks like our home, and I love it that little bit more.


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