Photo Challenge: Days 120 – 124

I’m not writing much about these as just want to catch up, I’m starting to get a bit annoyed with the whole photo challenge at the minute.  Probably because I keep forgetting to take them.  However there are a few of these I’m really happy with, and I’m starting to feel like I’m getting a bit of a better idea how to work the camera.

Day 120 – One of my favourites from my walk on Friday.  What’s not to like about rocks, a bridge and a river.

Day 120

Day 121 – OK, this is a day I forgot, but I did take this photo for another reason so it’s here.  This is a painting of steelworks in Consett, County Durham, painted by J’s grandpa many years ago.  We always found it strange we ended up living near this place.

Day 121

Day 122 – There were lots of lovely pictures to choose from our walk around Rannerdale Knott with Grandad R, but this is my favourite, showing the boy having a strop at being left behind (because he kept refusing to walk).

Day 122

Day 122 – Another forgetful day, so you’ve got the coat rack made by J.

Day 123

Day 123 – We planted these in the flower bed last year, they didn’t look very healthy earlier on in the year, but now they are coming out in some amazing colours, giving me hope everything else should survive too (as long as I keep up the watering…still no rain!).

Day 124


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