The Small Things

I’m going to keep this brief.  I’m not sure if it’s the fact that the sun is shining and I’m finding it hard to focus, if there’s just so much going on in the days that by this time my brain is a little wiped out, or if it’s that it doesn’t feel right to write something flippant and twee about our (sometimes) perfect little lives after what has happened in Manchester, when families have been ripped apart by a senseless act.  I think it is probably a mixture of all of the above, but the biggest part being Manchester.

I also don’t really want to write about Manchester, there’s a lot of others out there who have already done this, and who are able to do this far better than me.  I’d like to think that since the attack I’ve appreciated the kids more, given them more hugs, told them I loved them more.  But I’ve not, not nearly enough.

The world is a beautiful place, full of beautiful people doing wonderful things, every moment of every day.  But it can also be a cruel and dark world, and there are people with hearts over brimming with hatred, who feel they have a right to try and take the beauty and light from others.  They won’t win.  They will never win.  But they will hurt us in their trying.

So instead of dragging this out, I’m going to water the plants, enjoy the warmth of the sun and let my brain have a bit of a break.  Because it’s those small things that let us find the light and the beauty in the world once more.


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