Half Term Hiatus

It’s been a while.  The last week has been a bit of a hectic one and I’m afraid blogging has had to take a bit of a back seat.  Mainly due to the copious amounts of alcohol consumed and election fever, but we’ve also been very busy having fun and trying to keep the children amused during (yet another) half term.

Now the children are both at school, the weeks seem to fly by, and before we know it there’s another school break to fill, whilst all the time trying to avoid infanticide.

The break started with the arrival of friends and their children, we had plans to take a trip down to the Lakes on one of the days they were here, however the weather was so glorious that we decided to abandon car journeys and stay local.  The added bonus being you can have a drink, in the sunshine, in the afternoon.  There is definitely something about summer sun which brings out the heavy drinker in me (and J, and our friends, fortunately).  A BBQ was had (on the day of a thunderstorm which we watched approaching from the distant fells), a campfire by the river was lit (and particularly well maintained by my good self – Bear Grylls in the making), marshmallows were toasted (and spat out by the ungrateful boy) and all in all a very jolly time was had.  For the children it was like a weekend straight from the pages of an Enid Blyton novel, for the grown ups the AA handbook may have been more appropriate (not the Automobile Association AA).

Unfortunately the weekend came to a close all too quickly and our friends headed home, leaving lots of sad faces behind.  However we have tried to keep up the jollity, we’ve had time playing in the garden (to be more precise, J and I were digging the veg patch, whilst the kids moaned about not being able to go inside and watch Cbeebies), we’ve been to the river and caught tadpoles (I’m surprised the boy didn’t manage to catch any in his wellies seeing as he insisted on wading in so far the water went over the top of them), we’ve been to a friend’s little boy’s birthday party and eaten rather delicious cake, and tomorrow I get to escape and head off for a day learning to weave, whilst J and the kids find their own adventures.

So I haven’t been slacking whilst not blogging, I promise.  Although I do have a confession to make, once more the photo challenge has slipped and so I will have to start afresh yet again, probably tomorrow.  Probably.

I also must confess that my latest ambition to get the veg patch completed within the half term isn’t going to be achieved.  We’re closer than we were, and I have a healthy tan (and sunburnt legs) to attest to my hard work on it, but we’re still not at the finishing line.  However the bit that has been planted does officially look like a veg patch, and plants even seem to be growing and flourishing in it, which is a relief.

There are still three busy days ahead of us, before half term comes to an end and normality, or as close to it as we get, resumes.  Three more days to wring every Enid Blyton moment out of it that we can, the only downside is the alcohol has nearly run dry.


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