Let the Rains Fall

Well, tomorrow’s the big day then.  The day we all get to put our crosses in the box for who we want to lead the country.  Tomorrow is also the day I get to go and have my very first ever MRI scan, not something I’m particularly excited about but it’ll be good to get it over and done with, and no doubt the “It’s probably the startings of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome” verdict will remain, but I’m looking at it as a (probably long overdue) MOT.

This election has been a very interesting one for me, for the first time in more years than I care to remember, I really care about who comes out on top, and it’s not just me, it seems like there’s a lot of us clamouring for change.  Whether we get it or not is still to be seen, but it’s definitely been fun and I’ve learnt a lot about both the main parties and their policies in the run up to it (though my knowledge on taxation is still a bit muddy to say the least).

Other than the great politics debate, life rolls on at the barn, yesterday the heavens opened and gave the ground a much needed watering, even though I know it’s good for the fields and the garden, it didn’t take long for me to be missing the blue skies of last week.  The chance to eat lunch outside (with the chickens alternating, between pecking our feet and pooing at them), to make the kids run around, become sunkissed and healthy looking, to watch the swallows zooming about overhead, the lambs leaping across the fields, and to hang washing out (always very important).  However yesterday, I did finally get my hands on an IBC (intermediate bulk container) – which is going to be another waterbutt for the garden, but one much better than the shop bought ones, as it holds 1000 litres, rather than the mere 330 of our standard water butt (and it was much cheaper): the benefits of having a farmer friend.  The only downside was pressure washing out the rancid milk which had been sat in it for a year or so previous – let’s just say there was much gagging in the process, and there’s still a milky aroma as you walk past it.  Admittedly it isn’t the prettiest new addition to a garden, however I have plans for growing some climbers up the side (kids and chickens allowing) to soften it up a little.  I’m also still to attach it to the gutter, so it actually catches a decent amount of rain. 

Other than concerns about gathering rain water though, my days have been greatly taken up with discussions about the elections, trying to explain to the boy why he doesn’t automatically have to want to vote Conservative just because mummy and daddy are voting Labour, and burning baked cheesecakes.  I’m blaming the distractions of political discussions for that one, and maybe Topsy and Tim.

And that’s really about it, all that is left to say is, see you on the other side.


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