Time to Catch Up

Yet again another delay between blog posts, I don’t have much of an excuse to be honest, other than my mum and stepdad being up over the weekend and I think her head would have exploded if I’d whipped the laptop out to write a post: (In Southern Irish shriek) “What are you doing now? Who are you texting? Are you facebooking again??” Every single time I looked at my phone, even if I was actually looking to find out an answer to one of her (many) Take a Break Questions.

Other than the motherly nagging though there’s not really been a reason for the lack of posting, I’ve just really struggled to find my mojo again ever since I had the break when I went to Leicester.  Pre-Leicester I was in a good routine and the blog was always in the background of my mind, post-Leicester, not so much.

The photo challenge has gone the same way really, I am determined to give it one more last ditch attempt and so will aim to restart it tomorrow.  I’m hoping if I can get back into the routine it’ll help me get back into blogging more regularly again.

It’s not even like nothing has happened since my last post; there was the election (and WHAT an election it was, I finally ducked out and crawled off to bed at 2.30 with no clue what results I’d be getting up to), the MRI scan – during which I managed to fall asleep despite the noise of the machine and commercial radio (or maybe because of it), work on the garden has continued and the flower bed is now really starting to come into its own – our oriental poppy finally opened up this morning, which gave me a smile during a particularly grumpy breakfast time, more veg have been planted and more garden pests have been discovered, today we also had an exciting moth appear on the broad beans with a really long proboscis so I’m guessing it was a hummingbird hawkmoth (but I haven’t a clue),

Catch up 01

there was a trip to a mining museum where we partook in a bit of panning for gold (although I should say the kids got bored of this very quickly whereas the adults enjoyed every moment of the 30 minutes we made the little ones endure)and a bit of archery with the neighbours where no one even got injured.  It’s been a really good few days.

Now though the visitors have gone and routine has returned and so I have no excuse, I will do better.  Or at least, I’ll try.



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