The Daddy Show

Today, we went to our first country show of the season and the excitement was high.  Last year we made it to just one show, but to be frank it was a bit of a disaster as I lost it with both the kids in the Industrial tent, as they seemed intent on destroying all the competitors’ entries.  So this year I was determined to stay calm and just focus on enjoying a lovely day in the sunshine with my family.

Well, best laid plans and all that.  From the off it was clear that the kids were not going to consider holding my hand, only daddy would do.  When the issue was forced, it just resulted in screaming hissy fits and so I just gave up.  It got to the point where J and the kids were wandering around and  I was a few steps behind or ahead, like the hired help.  An hour or so of this is manageable, a day of this, with a few “I don’t like you”s thrown in, is a bit of a different matter and I’m going to admit my heart took a bit of a kicking.  I’m not really one to wallow, I love a good sulk now and again and can be as petulant as you like, but generally I consider myself to be fairly thick skinned.  Today I wallowed, and felt sorry for myself and was guilty of much self pity.  I think more so today than others because I’d really been looking forward to us all having a fun day together, and it didn’t really turn out like that.  And of course I know that they don’t mean it when they say they don’t like me, but it doesn’t really make it any nicer to hear.

The show itself was actually really good, we spent a bit of time admiring the sheep – there were some particularly friendly ones who kept nuzzling us as we stood at the pens, giving my hands that lovely sheepy smell.

Cumberland Show 004

There were also some really ugly sheep, the like of which I’ve never seen before, it was like some unholy coupling of a Herdwick and a Rottweiler had occurred.  There was a sheepdog herding ducks over various bridges and down a helter skelter.  There was a bird of prey stand, where the girl got to hold an owl (I was a bit jealous).  There were horse and pony shows, crafts, another industrial tent (the kids were better behaved in here – or at least I assume they were, J was in charge of them as they wouldn’t come near me), lots of tractors and other farm equipment for the kids to climb, fancy cars and lots, lots more; some of which we saw and much more that we probably missed.

Cumberland Show 010

This will be the year that I enter my first competition at a show.  I’m not sure what I’ll be entering as I’ve not checked out any of the show schedules yet (well, I did for one, but I missed the closing date), but I’ll definitely be entering at least one class at one show.  And this is another thing which makes me stop and realise how much our lives have changed over the last year, because it wasn’t really that long ago that I was watching Kirsty Allsopp entering various country show competitions and nagging J about when we would be able to go to a show and how there weren’t actually many around where we lived then.  Now we live in the heart of country show territory and have a whole summer of them ahead of us.  Now I just need to hope that the kids decide that it is ok to be seen with me in public by the next one or, if not, I might just be inclined to leave them (and the self pity) at home so I can actually enjoy myself.



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