Photo Challenge: Days 130 to 134

OK, so you’ve probably guessed I’ve managed to mess this up (again), and so I should have more days, but I don’t as I’ve missed a couple (again!).  Anyway, I will persist.

The first picture is of the ugly sheep I mention in The Daddy Show.  I’ve been reliably informed that these are Texels, here they are being shown at the country show on Saturday.

Day 128

The next is from our Father’s Day jaunt, and is of the view back up towards the Solway Firth from part way up what was actually Lowthwaite Fell (it should have been Great Cockup but we took a detour).

Day 129

On Tuesday there were some more sheep to shear (nothing for Monday I’m afraid), and so I of course volunteered to help wrapping again.  No Herdwicks this time, the wool was much oilier and much less itchy, and the fleeces were much bigger.  But the same old lovely sheepy smell.  These are the sheep post shearing (and some non-sheared lambs).

Day 130

And a leap to Thursday now, the red calf in the picture insisted on following me along the fence line as I walked home from school drop off, but every time I stopped for a chat he legged it to a safe distance.  The little black and white one was braver, I assume because the bush was so tasty.

Day 131

And today’s picture is of a CD I’ve been listening to a lot today, The Far Field by Future Islands, they’re playing Glastonbury tonight and I’m feeling a little bereft not to be seeing them.  In actual fact, they were playing Rock City in Nottingham last night, one of my regular-ish haunts in my youth, which is where I really wanted to see them – but alas, two small children, 173 miles to travel and a husband who may never have forgiven me, meant it was not to be.  So wine and Glastonbury coverage on the television it is.

Day 132





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