A Long Awaited Day

My poor old wellie boots’ best days are far, far behind them.  They have been much used and abused and not held up well under the pressures put on them.  However, I made a deal with myself that new wellies would not be bought until the veg patch was finished.  Tomorrow I am heading out to get some new boots.

Veg patch June 17 030

Yes, the day has finally come, the veg patch is finished.  I actually can’t believe I’m writing that, as it started to feel like it was never going to happen.  Mind, when I say finished, there is still plenty of work to do on it, the fence still needs a lot of work, there’s another path to put down and it could do with a gate at some point.  But the digging is done.  The pickaxing is done.  It actually looks like a veg patch.

So here is what it looked like last summer:

Home - Copy (2)

Here is what it looked like in winter, when Tickles and Bickles were here:

Sheep Jan 17 048 - Copy

And here is what it looks like now (a celebratory beer was had):

Veg patch June 17 014 - Copy

As we’ve been going I’ve been planting up sections, and so there is just the end section to plant up now.  I’ve started it off with an apple tree, I’m thinking of having this as the fruits section and so will be adding strawberry plants, rhubarb (ours is sadly deceased) and some raspberry canes as time goes on.

Veg patch June 17 028

It has been a ridiculously long journey to get here (much longer than the 15 days I’d originally, stupidly, anticipated).  It’s about 4 months later than I’d hoped to get it finished, but in my defence, when I was trying to decide how long it would take I hadn’t taken into account the rocks.  Oh so many rocks.  Here’s the current pile we have sat by the patch, this is from the last quarter of the patch.

Here’s some of the other rock piles.

A whole lot of rocks.  And there was another pile that wasn’t photographed and concrete slabs that were too heavy to lift and so instead were rolled down the side into the long grass.  And of course, some rocks were repurposed, a load of concrete slabs have been used for the path at the top of the patch, and the big egg like stone has made it into its final position as a seat for weary legs, or (more accurately) as somewhere for mummy to hide from the children, or somewhere just to sit and drink tea and watch the plants grow and the world go by.

Veg patch June 17 019



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