Rainy Day and Tuesday

Today’s weather has only been good for one thing, puddle jumping, and so that’s what we did this afternoon.  In my pink hued mummy dreams I’d planned a trip to Keswick for a bit of puddle jumping, followed by some delicious hot chocolate before heading home to snuggle up and watch a film.  My dreams were shot down when the boy declared he doesn’t like Keswick “because we have to go on the A66”, and so instead we puddle jumped along the lane and headed home for some, much lower quality, hot chocolate (made by me, which made it even less appealing to myself) and then snuggled up for a film.  So not a bad way to spend an afternoon, but certainly not what I’d dreamt of.

Today’s wet weather is exactly what I thought the weather would be like for our new life, rain, rain and more rain.  Understandable given the awful floods that Cumbria suffered during the winter of 2015 – around the time we were just starting to put the wheels in motion for the big move to actually take place.  The skies today have remained resolutely elephant’s breath (not quite grey, not quite white Farrow & Ball colour), even now that the rain has stopped, the elephant continues to breathe above us all.

The chickens have been hunkering down, sitting in the open fronted barn and staring grumpily out at the rain, only venturing out to take a drink from the puddles or to chase after me when I have left the house, asking in grumpy boc’s  where exactly their treats are.  The rain hasn’t stopped the sparrows regular raids on the food in the chicken coop, or the blue tits and great tits visiting the feeders (though after an attack by four rooks half of the feeders are now on the floor, so their visits were pretty unrewarding).  The swallows however have been noticeable by their absence, and are only now starting to swoop and swirl across the yard, gathering up all the pesky midges that the rain will have brought out.

The lambs and calves in the surrounding fields have looked pretty grumpy too, the rain has lashed them, as they hunker down beneath the trees and hedges.  On our puddle jump walk (very shortlived, as the children both got a few puddles worth of water in each wellington, and so decided they would rather go home) we met our neighbours ponies, one refusing to even come over to us so fed up with the rain was he.

I said the weather was only good for one thing but that’s not totally true, all the plants in the garden have now had a good watering – which saves me a job tonight, and the water level in the IBC is looking pretty impressive.  We’ve still not managed to attach it to the drainpipe (as we’re not 100% sure the best way to do this), but we did set up a siphon from the water butt to the IBC at the weekend, and it’s been doing a sterling job today, meaning not all the rain that has fallen has been wasted.  Should we get a long hot spell again (fingers crossed), we should be well equipped, waterwise, to deal with it.  A gardening downside though is that the aquilegia and raspberry canes which we bought yesterday remain unplanted, they’ll have had a good water though and tomorrow SHOULD be dry and so hopefully I’ll get them in then.

So the rain has fallen, but spirits have not been too dampened, it’s been a nice excuse for a bit of a lazy afternoon with the kids (the only negative being the girls constant questioning through Up completely ruining the emotional bits, she thoughtfully did get a hanky ready for me after I had a bit of a moment when I was reading the book to them yesterday) and I even managed to get a few, long overdue, chores done around the house this morning.  But the rain has had its day, now let’s get back to some summer sun.


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