A Country Show – Take Two

Another weekend, another country show.  Thankfully the weather cheered up somewhat for today’s event, had it been as grey and rainy as the past few days I may have cried off it myself, as the cold / sore throat seems to have metamorphosed into tonsillitis.  The blue skies made me determined to soldier on however, and with an ibuprofen, a bag full of water and Strepsils, I felt ready to take on the show.

It was definitely a much more enjoyable experience than the last show, perhaps because of feeling a bit rubbish anyway and so I couldn’t really be bothered to get into any arguments with the kids about whose hand they would hold, and my shouting voice has been somewhat limited by the razor like pain in my throat.  The children will probably wish for me to get tonsillitis more often.

We started off the day checking out some fancy looking hens and cockerels, the girl was cheerfully shrieking “cock-a-doodle-dooo” at them as she wandered around the cages, and I must admit they turned my head and I am now fantasising about a few fancy hens of our own.  Though I’m not sure how they’d deal with our rather bolshy, definitely not fancy, hens.  I took a few photos of the more lovely ones, so even if the fantasies come to nothing, I still have the pictures to look at and dream.

We also had a wander amongst the sheep, we didn’t see any Herdwicks this time, but the unaesthetically appealing Texels were out in force – though I must admit none quite as grotesque as the ones at the Cumberland show, and some even looked relatively sheep like.

I annoyed the boy early on by decreeing that this time there would be no rides / bouncy castle – a little grumpy I know, but at the last show we spent £10 for them to spend mere moments on a couple of rides, and it felt like a bit of a waste of money.  Especially when there was lots of see and do just wandering around the showground.  But it wasn’t something the  boy gave up on easily and every five minutes or so he would say “So now can we go and play??” and I would then try to explain there wasn’t really anything stopping him just enjoying himself and playing whilst we were wandering about.  But obviously this isn’t the same.  I know nothing.  We did treat him to watching a bit of Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling, but unfortunately we only got there for the final and so this was shortlived, however it does turn out this is something he really likes watching, and could probably sit and watch for hours.  I can’t really make sense of it as it seems to mainly consist of two people hugging, then tussling a bit and then they fall to the floor and one of them is decreed the winner.  However J has promised the boy he can maybe go to some classes when he’s a bit older, and so I’m sure in years to come my understanding will be much greater and I will be cheering the boy on from the side of the ring.  After watching the wrestling, the boy decided that he and the girl should partake in some wrestling of their own, which mainly involved him pushing the girl over, steadily increasing in force until we had to put a stop to it as the girl started crying and the boy isn’t great at taking no for an answer.  After that the afternoon was punctuated by “So now can we go and play??” followed by “Shall we have another wrestle??”  The answer to both being no, resulting in much despair for the boy.

This is another show where I wasn’t organised enough to check the schedule in time to enter anything in any of the classes for the industrial tent, however both the children did pictures at school which were then entered on their behalf, and the girl managed to get a third prize for a snowman she made from a paper plate and cotton wool, the boy also got a highly commended for a sheep, again paper plate and cotton wool were involved in the making.  I must be honest and say when I saw the snowman (after seeing the boy’s sheep) I had thought it was a sheep eating a carrot.  But it shows what I know.  Third prize.


J and I were very proud of them both, and I can only hope to do anywhere near as well when I finally get around to entering something.

The day wore on and the sky got greyer, and after a couple of wanders around the food tent, a visit to the police for the kids (they were very excited to receive a gonk each) and a half pint of a local real ale for me (medicinal purposes of course), it was time to call it a day.  Overall I would say the day was a success, and it gives me hope for future country shows, that they won’t result in me feeling pushed out and upset, and we can all sometimes play nicely together (although the boy didn’t believe the day involved any fun at all, obviously).  And of course, I’ll be making sure the girl enters some more of the art classes, afterall we could have a Tracey Emin of the future on our hands – though I’m not sure how many third prizes at a country show she’s won.



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